Las Vegas is known for its massive underground night clubs that are turning the nightlife in Vegas into an exciting experience. The residents of Las Vegas are addicted to the rave and have proved to be most rave-loving residents. This culture is also present in New York. The raves in New York do not take the underground distinction found in Vegas, though. The underground rave culture as is being seen in the Las Vegas is something that found its root a long time ago. The DJs in the city are idolized and respected since they are the nurses of the night. Without crowd thrilling skills, the underground raves of Las Vegas could not be having the popularity that is being witnessed. Signature parties such as the Narnia which were seen in California in the mid-1990s marked the climax of the rave culture in Las Vegas and California.
Prominent individuals and groups in the electronic dance music sector were getting contracts because of this rave culture that has been sweeping Las Vegas through the decades. Underground raves, however, are seeing the evolution that every other sector is getting in the world. There was a time when DJs were played to spin and turn the tables. The new underground raves in Las Vegas are marked with more computer use in playing mixing the music. This has taken all the fame and adoration from the DJs, who were much respected back in the day.
One thing that has remained persistent in the Las Vegas underground raves is the size of the crowd. It is not an underground rave without the big number of party animals swaying and doing their thing on the floor. Electronic dance is the driving force in the contemporary Las Vegas raves. All the loves of electronic cannot a find a reason to stay home and miss the rave. Underground raves are the mothers of all the colorful parties that any 21 and above year old would never want to miss. This is a nonstop party whereby the DJ is there to bring order into the night by mixing the sounds to facilitate all the ecstasy needed here. 
The mood of an underground rave does not need to be set since it comes in place automatically. It is so hard for an individual to drift away from the music playing. It is, however, common for most underground rave newbie not to know the names of the best DJs in the city. This is because the music is so overwhelming and will leave no room for an individual to try and know who is on the deck. The lights and the company inside and underground rave contribute to this wild frenzy.