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Ways Future Technology Is Changing Things for Intimacy

Technology is always improving and changing peoples’ lives. New designs are made to enhance love and sex experience with your partner, no matter where they are. It has been predicted that the future holds talking hi-tech dolls, holograms, VR headsets and more. Sexual technology is popular for people who are not able to see their love right at that second but still want to be able to experience intimacy with them. Experts predicts that technology will be getting more intimate in the future. 

Ways Future Technology Is Changing Things for Intimacy:

VR Porn
Latest creations like the Oculus Rift is made to change the way we take in entertainment. Porn is expected to have that 3D experience coming in the future. Production companies have started on working on creating the 180° porn, giving people the feel of sitting in an IMAX. In the future, it’s predicted that the creation of 360° porn will be watched with the VR headset. Maybe they could make it more realistic and make stiumlating bodysuits in the future. 

Hi-Tech Dolls 
These are considered to be “love dolls” that provide love and sex to their owner. The owner is able program any personality and voice that fits their taste into the doll. This is supposed to create the “perfect lover” for someone who doesn’t current have a lover, which this is said to come out in 2017. 

Liquid Sex Toys Pleasure can be in the form of a liquid rather than a solid with gels that contain microscopic robots. It’s used to apply on the erogenous zone to stimulate each other as the robots respond to the instructions of both partners. Basically you can feel each other’s orgasm and be able to enhance it. 

Most love and sex technologies are made to enhance sexual intercourse but what about if you just like to masterbate? Guybraters are made to enhance masterbation for specifically for men. It is much like vibrators for women but unlike the fleshlights that already exist, these are made to touch the unique sensations that any man might need. This is also great for erectile dysfunctioin. 

High-Voltage Wearable Tech So let’s say maybe you’re a masochist. With today’s society, wearable tech is the new fasion. This let’s people into S&M experience both pleasure and pain with electrostimulation. This technology contains tiny but powerful electropods give your body a jolt up to 120 volts. 

Just think, you could be on a business trip and really in need of that embrace from your wife. There is a saying that long distance relationships don’t last long because you can’t be intimate with each other. With love and sex future technology, you could be halfway across the world and still be able to be pleasured by your spouse. This could also help people who are single but have yet to find a lover. The future of love and sex is now thanks to science!