Couple Arrested Having Sex

Couple Arrested Having Sex On Ferris Wheel Above The Las Vegas Strip

We are all familiar with the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. It is clear that that is not the case for an adventurous couple taking more than one kind of ride on the Ferris wheel above the Las Vegas strip.

For the sake of this story, let’s call them Jack and Jill. This was their first trip to Las Vegas and they wanted to experience everything to the fullest. Their ride on the Ferris wheel started innocently. They paid their ticket and climbed aboard the majestic Ferris wheel that was adorned with many colored lights and seemed magical in its color and splendor. It was sunset when the ride began and Jill joked wondering if this is Las Vegas’s idea of a revolving Christmas tree.

This was Jack and Jill’s first romantic vacation together and they were very excited, not only about their first private excursion, but also about the fact that they were becoming extremely close and excited about their future. Jack and Jill were very expressive in their love and had no problem showing expressions of love, whether it be in public or in private.

As the ride begins Jill tells Jack that her hands are very cold. In a flirtatious move she takes her hands and places them between Jack’s legs. She giggles and says this is much better. As the Ferris wheel climbs and they looked down upon the Las Vegas strip they are overtaken by the hustle and bustle they see and the excitement they see and feel in the air. Jack becomes drunk with emotion and begins to slowly nibble on Jill’s neck. Telling her he couldn’t imagine being there with anyone else and he wants to make this a vacation they will both never forget.

With that said, they begin passionately kissing one another as the ride goes around and around. They are now both so aroused that they forget they are in public and high up in the air. They slowly begin to seductively undress each other and have sex high above the Las Vegas strip. Other passengers on the ride begin to notice their very public display of affection. Some are discussed while others can only laugh. Jack and Jill were so engrossed in their lovemaking that they completely ignored their surroundings and did not even consider the consequences of their actions.

Their consequences were quite evident once the ride stopped and they were met by the Las Vegas police. Jack and Jill were then arrested for indecent exposure and taken to the station. This is definitely a vacation they would never forget, but probably not for the reasons they hoped.